Nikos E. Riginos

A name that reminds one of a clear blue gaze.

A last name which before you write it in you must pause—is it spelled with an eta followed by an iota or is it the other way? Decisiveness, self-confidence, a quick mind, analytic evaluation of a situation, quick decisions. This and other positive attributes characterize Nikos. Of course, I realized his attributes after knowing him over many years.

We first met in the early 80s at the Glyfada shore. He, together with his friend George Vernicos, was a founder of the Vernicos Yachts company. Their unique vision for that time was to establish a company compatible with their love for the sea. The company offices were housed in our old family house, which they had rented, by the Glyfada shore. The newly built Marina 4A provided immediate access to the water. This was the beginning of our friendship.

Shortly after that I heard some rumors circulating concerning the name “Faneromeni”. Therumors filled me with curiosity and questions. I heard about a boat with which Nikos "fell in love", that he had bought and started repairing. I heard that he was not just repairing this boat but he was restoring her to her original form, and as I later realized later with all the modern amenities. At that time I was impressed not only by the existence of “Faneromeni” but by Nikos' passion and preference for everything antique. I continued to understand this as I got closer to Nikos.

I have heard many stories, recollections from his childhood years in Voula, then an outlying remote suburb suitable for all the "great deeds" he describes with his face lit up as if he is reliving them.

Description of his mother—strict but fair—necessary characteristics to raise three unruly boys, leaders of the local tribe which Nikos remembers and mentions in all his narrations of the "innocent years". There in Voula he first comes in contact and he starts his explorations of the mysteries and beauties of the wet element: the sea. In these daring explorations–for his age –he is accompanied by his younger brother Byron (his older brother Vasilis was trying to prevent situations that would, with mathematical certainty, lead to their punishment). He becomes familiar with the sea and develops his quick decisiveness that allows him to face and overcome difficulties and frequently serious dangers. These situations developed his acute "sea sense", one of his characteristics, greatly admired by other people of the sea.

His passage through life proceeds from the Voula years to his student years. As border in the Anavryta school he has to balance his independent spirit with the school's strict discipline. Later, while working in the family business, he works hard and develops a aptitude for business affairs. This experience becomes one more of his assets.

This is Nikos.

I have been invited to many cruises with him on the “Faneromeni”. These cruises are unforgettable, not only because of the new places that I visited (from Dalyan in Turkey, the harbor of Kastelorizo island, to the tiny coves in the Gulf of Argolis) but also because of his hospitality, and his knowledge, his unassumingly polite manners to anyone he meets.

I sincerely thank him for all the help and assistance he has given over the years, when he tirelessly comes whenever I am in need of advice, guidance, or in need of an encouraging word because of difficult situations…

Sophia G. Kastrinaki
February 25, 2010 


Nikos E. Riginos, the seventh owner of “Faneromeni”, posing on her bow the day he purchased her.

March 1987.

(Archive of Nikos E. Riginos)



The captain, with the bow of "Faneromeni" on the background.

Island of Syros, Kyklades, 2006

(Archive of Nikos E. Riginos)