Kostas A. Damianidis

Kostas A. Damianidis was graduated in 1984 from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, with a degree in architecture engineering. In 1990, after successfully defending his dissertation, Vernacular Boats and Boatbuilding in Greece, he was awarded his doctoral degree.

His doctoral dissertation was translated into Greek and published in 1996 by the ETBA Cultural Foundation (ETBA - Ελληνική Τραπεζα Βιομηχανικης Αναπτύξεως - Hellenic Industrial Development Bank) under the title: Greek Vernacular Boatbuilding.

Kostas A. Damianidis has published widely on the history of shipbuilding and on the restoration of traditional craft. He collaborates with several museums and cultural organizations involved with the study of the history of boats and boatbuilding in Greece.

During 1998-1999 Damianidis drew complete naval construction plans for the “Faneromeni.”

We are family friends. I greatly admire him as an authority on traditional wooden boats.